Our Services

Our Services

Our Proven 6-Step Process to improve your Sales and Marketing performance, and turn Prospects into Promoters.

We approach the task of building your Digital Marketing and Sales program the same way you might approach the construction of a new house;

Start with a solid foundation and framework, add mechanicals & utilities and connect them up to the outside world, add some finishing touches to improve the curb appeal & creature comforts, and then hire a specialized team to manage and sell it.

Step 1. Re-energize Your Brand

Create a solid foundation that will support your sales and marketing efforts

You wouldn’t construct a building unless you were sure it had a solid foundation. And there is no point wasting resources on a marketing campaign without a clear strategy and direction.

Pivot helps you present a consistent and clear message across all platforms that tells your customers…WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY they should hire you.

Pivot will ensure that your company has a solid foundation for your brand and marketing;

  • Appropriate & Professional Brand Identity and Logo, used consistently in all your messaging.
  • A Concise Positioning Statement that articulates what you do, for whom, and why they should care.
  • A clearly defined Target Market and Customer Personas, so you understand who you are pursuing and why they will choose you.
  • An understanding of your Marketing Funnel, and the Key Metrics that drive your Customer Journey.
  • A list of Goals and Objectives, and a solid Strategy to achieve them.

Step 2. Sharpen Your Tools

Build a framework to support your marketing message, and the tools to promote your services and build your sales.

Pivot will arm you with a toolkit of marketing materials, web services, online profiles, and sales resources to present your business with professionalism and expertise.

Pivot will build a framework to present and promote your services to your customers and prospects;

  • A professional, engaging and mobile-friendly Website, that will be the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts.
  • Complete profiles on all the appropriate Social Channels; Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, LinkedIn, and any of the other media that might be appropriate for your market.
  • Concise and consistent  Digital Profiles on Google, Yelp, and other channels that will help promote your online presence.
  • We will also ensure that you are equipped with professional Business Cards and other Marketing Materials, to present your business professionally and effectively.